| PolicyManager
A web and cloud-based platform, which allows you to easily manage the way you operate your credit insurance.
Credit Risk
Aon & Visma Onguard have partnered to design an industry-leading platform, with a seamless connection and a suite of security features to make sure your data is protected.
Manage Exposure
Control Risk 
Matching buyer and invoice data with insured limits across countries and currencies, and automating key processes, it makes managing your credit risk coverage faster and simpler, freeing up time to tackle other challenges. 
Real-time Alerts
Instant alerts to keep you up to date with e.g. invoicing, collections, coverage updates, as well as stop shipments on deliveries and debt recovery actions.
Automated Reporting
Produce insurance declarations and other reports without manual intervention. So you’ll always have everything that your organisation or your insurers need, on demand.
Credit Risk Analysis
In-depth insights on your buyers in real time, for easier decisions within your discretionary limits, which you can set directly in PolicyManager.
PolicyManager integrates with insurers’ systems and enterprise resource platforms to help your business save time and manage credit insurance with confidence, to maximise growth.
What do we offer?
PolicyManager is multi-policy, multi-insurer and multi-lingual, bringing everything into one secure location for global businesses and their teams worldwide.
Fast onboarding
PolicyManager implementation focuses on prompt data testing, on-boarding, and training – so your team can quickly get value from the system.
Flexible pricing
After a one-off set-up fee, our monthly licensing and support charges will depend on your chosen program. Find out more by getting in touch. 
How do we protect your data?
We follow industry standard security protocols to protect all client data.
Server security
We proactively update the security systems of our dedicated virtual private cloud and regularly test for vulnerabilities.
Application security
We created PolicyManager using OutSystems, to secure the platform against the threats identified by the Open Web Application Security Project.
The platform is certified compliant with SOC 2, ISO 27001, and ISO 22301. 
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